World Environment Day 05 June 2023

Solutions to Plastic Pollution #BeatPlasticPollution


6/5/20231 min read


World Environment Day (WED) is a significant global event that aims to raise awareness about environmental issues and brings together millions of people from across the globe, engaging them in the effort to protect and restore the earth. WED was celebrated for the first time on 05th June 1973 with the slogan "Only One Earth". 

The 50th World Environment Day 05th June 2023 is hosted by Côte d'Ivoire (Country in southern coast of West Africa) in partnership with the Netherlands and it will focus on "Solutions to Plastic Pollution". The 2023 World Environment Day campaign #BeatPlasticPollution calls for global solutions to combat plastic pollution. UN Secretary General - António Guterres says - "If we act now we can beat plastic pollution".

Each year, WED adopts a specific theme to highlight a pressing environmental concern. The chosen theme provides a framework for discussion and action on global environmental issues. Here is environmental concerns adopted in last 10 WED celebration events:

  • 2023 WED, hosted by Côte d'Ivoire, focused on "Solutions to Plastic Pollution". #BeatPlasticPollution

  • 2022 WED, hosted by Sweden. focused on "Living in harmony sustainably with Nature". #OnlyOneEarth

  • 2021 WED, hosted by Pakistan, focused on "Ecosystem restoration" . #Reimagine.Recreate.Restore.

  • 2020 WED, hosted by Colombia, focused on "Biodiversity". #TimeForNature

  • 2019 WED, hosted by China, focused on "Air Pollution". #BeatAirPollution

  • 2018 WED, hosted by India, focused on "Beat Plastic Pollution". #BeatPlasticPollution

  • 2017 WED, hosted by Canada, focused on "Connecting People with Nature". #iamwithnature

  • 2016 WED, hosted by Angola, focused on "Illegal Trade in Wildlife". #WildforLife

  • 2015 WED, hosted by Italy, focused on "Seven Billion People. One Planet. Consume with Care". #consumewithcare

  • 2014 WED, hosted by Barbados, focused on "Raise Your Voice Not the Sea Level". #ClimateChange

World Environment Day reminds us that well-being of our planet relies on our collective action. It urges the world to take responsibility for safeguarding the environment. To create a sustainable environment, we need to strengthen international cooperation, empower the youth, invest in green technologies and promote sustainable lifestyles. WED is our commitment to protect our planet and ensure sustainability for all.